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Teacher appreciation week ideas

17 years 6 months ago #66051 by Shawn
I'm steali.. 'er I mean borrowing all your ideas for next year (with your permission, of course) :D

Sound like fun.

Oh and a deja vu note... Our Staff Appreciation Luncheon is an "Academy Award theme" and I just rcvd the Staff Appreciation Tea info "A night at the Oscars" How funny is that!! :rolleyes:
Only 2 people know about the teachers theme (me and the principle and WE didnt tell)

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17 years 6 months ago #66052 by PTCAPres
Our PTCA does something for our staff that I haven't seen mentioned yet (along with breakfast & lunch, mailbox treats, etc.). Since the adult bathrooms are very institutional looking (cinderblock), we spruce them up for the week! It's very inexpensive and it's a highlight for many of our staff.
- a basket of soft toilet tissue (Charmin, etc)
- a vase or small pot of flowers
- nice handsoap (pump) and lotion
- a small container of fragrant potpourri (or
other air scent-type item)
- decorative signs/posters
- anything else to make it feel a bit more "homey"

They really get a kick out of this!
13 years 7 months ago #149069 by mcpto
Replied by mcpto on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
We go all out every year. Last year was "And the Winner Is...Our Students and we'd like to thank our teachers!" Acadamy Awards style.
We put out a red carpet in front of the teachers lounge, put a huge SHULLYWOOD sign on top of the office (Shull School-Like the hollywood sign)
Put glittery stars on each classroom door like a star's dressing room sign, make a "walk of fame" ala Stars on Hollywood Bl & made Marquees on the class windows that looked like move marquees starring the teacher (ie Now Showing"Superman starring Mr Coss).
Monday-Brunch decorated teachers lounge with movie themed supplies
Tuesday-Star shaped cookies with a note attached "You are a super star for all you do"
Wed-Made Backstage Pass invitations to the "Golden Apple Awards" that were to be held on Thursday and put them in the teacher's boxes then put popcorn out in the lounge and had a movie selection for them to watch during their breaks.
Thurs-Golden Apples Award Ceremony Assembly.We had students dress like papparazzi with cameras and one with a microphone and the teachers walked down the red carpet while they took pictures and the student with the mic asked questions like "who are you wearing?". The teachers really got into character, they all wore sequins & boas & sunglasses. The male teacher wore a tux! We made up silly awards like "Best teacher in making math magic happen, etc" and gae them out (we handed them a golden delicious apple). It was the highlight of the week!
Fri we did the luncheon like an "after party".
We got great feedback and really didn't spend a whole lot of money...
13 years 6 months ago #149144 by mcpto
Replied by mcpto on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
We are doing a teacher/staff luncheon on Friday.

I am interested to know if anybody does a "teacher of the month". We have been talking about doing this. Getting nominations from students, parents or other faculty and possibly dedicating a bullentin board to that teacher and give them a gift for winning. If anybody does this can you please tell me how you do it. What is your criteria, what you put on your bullentin boards about the teachers and what kind of gifts you give them.

Thanks for your feedback.
13 years 6 months ago #149149 by dlf
mcpto-for some reason my arms want to start waving and I have this unsettling need to say
"Danger Will Robinson; Danger Will Robinson".

However good intentioned I can just see this turning into some sort of popularity contest that will distance some of the exact population you're looking to highlight. That is unless you only have 10 teachers and can do one per month through the year.

We did do a "Let me introduce you to" column in our newsletter and we highlighted one of the common classroom folks every month. It let us all ge to know them a little better.

Maybe I'm off base here but doing something that involves nominations etcetera may lead to disaster.

Perhaps there are others here that have really good news about this activity but my sense would be if you're going to do a highlight board etcetera that you start with the A's or the Kindergarten teachers and work your way up!
Good luck
13 years 6 months ago #149183 by mcpto
Replied by mcpto on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
Thank you for your advice. When thinking about it I will have to agree with you. We are a small K-12 building but I still agree with the popularity thing. I will have to bring this up to the rest of the PTO and maybe we can rework it or think of something else.

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