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Teacher appreciation week ideas

18 years 7 months ago #66044 by SimplyMom
Replied by SimplyMom on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
The same letter used to come home every year and the ones that wanted to participate would and others would not. This year, we decided to collect $5 from every student so that we could go out and buy items for all teachers and support staff (librarian, computer teacher, etc). We are a school of 600 students and only a third of them sent their $5 (which we expected), but we were able to afford to give out daily gifts to all teachers and support staff! No one kept track of who turned in their money or not and every teacher received pretty much the same things so no one felt left out.
18 years 7 months ago #66043 by Laney
Replied by Laney on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
We bought some tote bags from OTC with about 8 items or so in it-these will be given on Friday. Monday=A local craft store has items for $1.
Wednesday*=Luncheon for all.
Thursday= candy and plant seeds.

*The luncheon is fairly cheap- we had a community Easter Dinner where we had ham that was donated left over so we froze it. We ask each Homeroom Chair to provide a side dish as well as a few other key volunteers. The PTO provides the paper goods, etc. All told we may spend about $150. We have banners to put up at the school and the kids from our after school program usually make art work. The teachers and staff have always seemed to enjoy us waiting on them and providing home cooked foods.
I dont like being told what I have to give someone- my daughter and I usually pick out a gift for her teacher personally. I think it would have been netter to just remind everyone of the dates and let them decide on their own.

BTW For Adm Day I made a certificate for our Secretary with a Blue ribbon, #1, and her name=she loved it! (we also made her a gift basket with a very nice address book and candy.)
18 years 7 months ago #66042 by Kathie Lasky
Replied by Kathie Lasky on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
I was just meeting with my board about Teacher appreciation week. Our PTA does MONTHLY Teacher and staff appreciation- so we do small stuff for Teacher appreciation week.
I agree- people hate being told they HAVE to give a gift- plus most teachers don't want 25 candy bars (all on the same day).
We will do some small item for our teachers (and other support personel as well -we don't like to leave anybody out).
We have let people know via our web-site and newsletter that if they want to help- please come and see us (that way everybody is welcome- but those not in a financial position to do so- don't haver to go out and buy something).
Our plans for the week are-
Monday- we are giving a small flowering bedding plant- (they are cheap at Home Depot- and they gave us a discount) we will wrap the bottom in cello- with a ribbon.
Tuesday- We a giving teachers a Muffin and Coffee (we will have Muffins- again wrapped separately- tied with a ribbon and a coffee pot set up with "Fancy creamers" in the teachers lounge)
Wednesday - we are doing Kisses for the teachers- Candy kisses in bundles of 5 - in their Mailbox- "Here's a kiss for all you do" from PTA
Thursday- Ice Cream Bars after school- They are very cheap with the store brand.
Friday- We are giving a plastic Chanpagne glass- full of grapes- "We don't have any "grapes" with your teaching"

None of this is very expensive and we think we will probably have spent less than 200 dollars (hopefully way under) to all 100 staff members for the whole week.

Just an idea- if you are planning for next year- start looking at garage sales for vases- they can be had for anywhere from 25 cents to 10 cents at most garage sales. Hit a few of them over the summer and you could have enough for your whole staff!
18 years 7 months ago #66041 by ScottMom#1
I have never been big on suggesting gifts for people. Our group pays for Teacher Appreciation stuff for the week since we know our student body doesn't really have the financial backing to regularly do this and because we don't want children who can't to feel left out. We also have good support of our fundraisers that allow us to do this and a few hard working mothers who are willing to do a lot of it from scratch. If anything, I get upset that someone expects me to appreciate someone.

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18 years 7 months ago #66040 by LUVMYKIDS
They're all nice ideas, but I guess I might not have designated specific days for specific gestures. I could envision some upset children out of this. Plus if they are going to provide the vases, I would have provided a "starter" flower. Are there plenty of dandelions and violets on the playground? Heaven help the lady with the beautiful flower garden next to the school!!!!

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18 years 7 months ago #66039 by mum24kids
The following memo came home in the weekly envelope from one of my children's schools last week; it went out to all students. I'd be interested in hearing people's opinions of this way of handling teacher appreciation week.

Please join the PTA in showing the teaching staff at XYZ School how much we appreciate all they do for our children throughout the year. If you are able, please participate in the following special activities during Teacher Appreciation Week:

Monday: Flowers for the Teachers
Bring a flower to school for your teachers. Vases will be provided by the PTA.

Tuesday: Cards for the Teachers
Make or purchase a card for your teachers to thank them for doing a terrific job.

Wednesday: Sweets for the Teachers
Please send in a candy bar or other sweet treat for your teachers.

Friday: Breakfast for the Teachers
The PTA will host the Annual Teacher Breakfast. If you would like ot assist by cooking, or helping to set up or clean up, please call.....

Please remember the special teachers your children see all year: Music, Band, Art, P.E., Reading, GT, ESOL, our Librarian and Speech teachers. These teachers are invaluable to our school and also deserve our thanks.

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