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Teacher appreciation week ideas

17 years 6 months ago #66045 by PTO Pres Mom
Replied by PTO Pres Mom on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
We do the daily activity every year and it's always a success! One of the most popular gifts is the School Supply day when the kids bring in school supplies (glue sticks, pencils, etc.) for the teachers. [img]smile.gif[/img]
17 years 6 months ago #66046 by JHB
Personally, I thought the wording was fine. They made it clear that this was a suggestion.

The people that organize this type of thing usually plan well and have big hearts. I would bet they are monitoring what comes in each day to see if the PTO needs to supplement any class offerings.
17 years 6 months ago #66047 by Holly Eighmy
We went for a theme this year. No one has ever tried to include the entire student body in the appreciation week festivities... so I did!! I got some of the ideas from here and some from PTA website. Here's what we sent home. The items in blue are what the PTA is doing along with the stuff suggested for the students.

Gordon McCaw
Elementary School PTA
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
May 2-6
“Cooking Up Appreciation”

We have several ways to show our appreciation to our teachers & staff during this week.
Please note the following themed days and jump on in and show our teachers & staff how much we appreciate them!
The staff includes office, aides, custodians, cafeteria workers & administration.

Monday 5/2 Baked Goods Day—"Because You’re so Sweet - We say Thank You!."
Students are asked to bring in a baked good or treat for their teacher & 2 staff members.

Tuesday 5/3 Recipe Day- "Our Teachers/Staff have the recipe for success." We are asking each student to bring in a family favorite recipe to their teacher & 2 staff members.

Wednesday 5/ 4 Letter Day –“Our Teachers lead in the ‘write’ direction”. Students write a personal letter or draw a picture to give to their teacher & 2 staff members to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Thursday 5/5 Flower Day—“Teachers help small things grow” Students are asked to share a flower (real/silk/homemade) with their teacher & 2 staff members.

Friday 5/6 Student’s Choice - "Thanks for making our days fun." Students are asked to bring in something fun (bottle of bubbles, etc) or a classroom supply item (pencils, erasers, glue, etc.).

Here's what the PTA is doing along with the above mentioned:

Monday 5/2 (PTA supplies a treat in the boxes & begins "Look how sweet" contest, where teachers/staff members are to guess which baby picture belongs to which teacher/staff member)

Tuesday 5/3 Recipe Day- ("Our Teachers/Staff are Souper" PTA provides soup & sandwiches for lunch) We also asked teachers/staff to write down their favorite recipe and saying. We will type them up in a small notebook-type of format and give these out the teachers/staff.

Wednesday 5/ 4 (PTA provides Ice Cream Social for staff/teachers after school & treat in boxes in am)

Thursday 5/5 Flower Day (PTA provides luncheon for staff/teachers – Mexican-theme – Cinco de Mayo & treat in boxes in am)

Friday 5/6 (Winner announced for “Look how sweet” contest & treat in boxes, 5 min. neck massages available during lunch time & treat in boxes in am)

Walk of Fame
Create a Walk of Fame for our teachers. We're actually painting our "red carpet and stars". We're an outdoor school (we're getting a new school in 2 years and until then we'll change out the teachers that leave's stars with the new teachers for next year)entry hall. Make gold stars with a teacher's name on each.

“Look How Sweet” contest—Teacher’s & Staff provide PTA with their baby picture. We display them for the week and have the teachers and staff guess which baby picture belongs to whom. The winner is announced on Friday, 5/6 during lunch and receives a prize. Also, randomly draw out a teacher/staff member’s name for a prize – 2-night stay at the Oasis in Mesquite (donated).

For the treats in their boxes: 1) teacher's favorite candy bar (asked on questionaire a couple weeks ago); 2) Teacher's Lucky Penny saying on postcard size card stock with 2005 penny); 3) "Mint" certificate (ex. commit "mint", encourag "mint") with Peppermint patties stuck to them; 4) Recipe book from teacher/staff recipes; 5) we ordered personalized teacher stickers for the entire staff (75 people) that we'll give to them on Friday. We budget $1000 for the week. I think I'm doing well with getting stickers for everyone (2 sheets each), 2 lunches and an ice cream social along with the other small stuff.

So far, I've had positive responses from parents about the daily suggestions for the week. Some are just picking a couple to do some are planning stuff for all 5 days. I think they liked the guideline and don't feel like they have to go out and buy something expensive and realize just the small gestures count. I sent home the flyer last week then again yesterday. I also have posters up to remind them. If anyone would like copies of any of the items we're doing, feel free to email me! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Henderson, NV
17 years 6 months ago #66048 by SimplyMom
Replied by SimplyMom on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
Teacher Appreciation Week was last week for us and it was a great success. I heard comments from the teachers and staff that it was the best in the school's history! I took a lot of the ideas I found on this site and here's what we came up with:
Thanks to all that write in!
17 years 6 months ago #66049 by coyotemom
Replied by coyotemom on topic RE: Teacher appreciation week ideas
We buy gifts for all of the staff, teachers and support, and have a luncheon on Wednesday. We supply sandwich rings from Sams Club and all paper products and decorations and parents bring in salads, chips, pop, bottled water, fruit trays, desserts, etc. It usually costs about $300 for everything. I'd love to try some of these other ideas for next year, there is so much potential, but never anyone willing to take the time to do it!
17 years 6 months ago #66050 by smenny13
We have sent a letter like mum24kids for the last 2 years. We have either the art teacher send it home so that way the teachers do not know. It is stated that it only optional. The kids have done great with it!! This is what we did this year

Monday: Note Day…….Please write a note to tell your teacher how much you appreciate them or thank them for something special they have done for you.

Tuesday: Flower Day…… Please bring a flower.

Wednesday: Sweets Day….. Please bring in a yummy treat.

Thursday: Do Something Nice to Your Teacher Day………Please do something nice today. Hold the door open, help him/her carry things, say nice things, ect.

Friday: Relaxing Day……Please bring in a candle, lotions, body sprays or anything else that helps you relax.

Throughout the week I would go down to the school after all the teachers left and leave a surprise in their mailboxes. We have a mom who is big in the stampin' up and she made a gift for each day plus we pens and pins. We were going to have their lunch on Friday but about 4 or 5 techers out of the 25 are going to be gone that day so we have rescheduled it to next week. But here is what we gave out all week.

Monday: Notepad (made by mom) and a pen from Positive Promotions.

Tuesday: A card with seeds

Wednesday: she made a small container with stars stamped on it and it said you are a star and we filled it with starburts.

Thursday: Entertainment Book (Entertainment gave them to us for signing up for them next year) and a book mark.

Friday: An ABC teachers pin and a cute sign that was made and has the teachers name on it.

We get really good feedback from the teachers. They look forward into coming n to see waht surprise the PTO has left them and what the kids are bringing in.
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