1. Kindergarten Meet and Greet

Invite incoming kindergartners to a “play date” with their new classmates (and teachers, too, if they can attend). Provide name tags in a different color for each class. Offer popsicles as a treat.

2. Physical Fitness Day

Work with the PE teacher to decide on a circuit of stations that children need to complete, such as jumping rope for one minute, doing 10 push-ups, etc.

3. Character-building Program

Talk about good behavior on and off the playground, such as taking turns, including newcomers to a group, and showing good sportsmanship. Reinforce the message with some simple trust-building exercises.

4. Social Studies Class

If your school has a painted U.S. map, hold on-site geography lessons by grade level. For example, ask kids to identify the states in your region or to name the state capitals.

5. First Aid Basics

What do you do if someone gets hurt? Teach students how to deal with cuts and scrapes, and when to find a responsible adult; older grades could work on CPR skills.

6. Family Work and Play Day

Give students responsibility for the playground and supplies. Have them make a list of what’s needed: jump ropes, balls, mulch, etc. Invite families to a mini work session (if necessary), then stay to spend a few hours picnicking and enjoying the play areas.