1. Turn over important files.

Set up a meeting between outgoing and incoming officers to transfer paperwork and discuss topics such as insurance documentation and expiration, bylaws, officer job duties, and the annual budget.

2. Stay positive.

Focus on all the good things happening within the PTO and what has been accomplished in the past year. Talk about some of the key goals that have been set for next year.

3. Look ahead.

Go over events being planned for the beginning of the school year plus any relevant calendar events coming up sooner, such as districtwide PTO meetings.

4. Hold tech training.

Review the software and applications your PTO uses, and train new officers if needed. Provide copies of user guides to help make sure they’re comfortable with the systems.

5. Put faces to names.

Introduce new board members to all the school staff members they should know (the principal, secretaries, janitors, district-level contacts, etc.).

6. Review school procedures.

Go over key school procedures and instructions, such as where to find extra supplies or how to submit a request to use the office photocopier.