1. Ball Drop

Individuals purchase a golf ball for $5 or $10 apiece and write their name on the ball. All of the balls are dropped at the same time, and the person whose ball lands closest to a predetermined spot wins a percentage of the prize money; the rest goes to the group.

2. Pie Sale

Recruit four or five parents to make homemade pies, and sell them as a take-home item. See whether a local bakery will donate boxes for the pies.

3. Holiday Photos

Arrange to have a community photographer at your holiday events and offer families a chance to get their portrait taken. Or set up a photo printer and charge a small fee to take pictures and print them right there.

4. “School Eats” Book

Ask parents to submit their favorite sack lunch ideas, after-school snack suggestions, or family dinner recipes. Invite kids to contribute as well. Bind them together and sell them at your next school supper.

5. Temporary Tattoos

Order temporary tattoos with your school mascot or name and sell them as a fun addition to a special event, such as a pep rally or student-teacher basketball game.

6. Silly Hat Competition

For Spirit Week, let teachers (and even the principal) show their silly side by wearing crazy head toppers one day or throughout the whole week. Students pay a dollar to cast a vote for their favorite.