1. Schoolwide show-and-tell
It sounded like a great idea until you found out your kid was number 389 in the lineup of 400 students.

2. Make it, take it ant farm night
Come on, we all know the ants’ new home will really be the back of your minivan!

3. Reading the bylaws night
Then again, it could be the best sleep you’ve gotten in weeks!

4. All-night drumathon
Why not make it a combination family event/fundraiser by selling earplugs, too?

5. Introductory dart-playing night
No doubt you’ll get a few “pointers” when you play with the young crowd. Ouch.

6. Plan it night
Ask parents to bring their calendars and weigh in on when the PTO should do every single one of its activities. The more input, the better, right?