1. Icebreakers

Start a meeting with an icebreaker activity. It helps parents relax if you make it fun. Try asking about recently read books or favorite movies.

2. Snacks Matter

People love snacks and refreshments. You might want to assign a snack volunteer for each meeting so you change up the refreshments throughout the year.

3. Off-site Venues

If you are holding evening meetings, ask parents to meet at a local restaurant, pub, or coffee shop. The relaxed atmosphere could help parents really connect and share.

4. Get Parents Participating

Write down challenges for the group on large pieces of paper and tape them along the meeting room walls. Have parents jot down their ideas on the paper, then discuss.

5. Show Your Results—Happy Kids!

Invite children to sing, read poetry, or act out a short play to showcase a PTO-sponsored program. Parents love seeing how students are benefitting from PTO funds.

6. Provide Parenting Tips

Bring in a speaker to address a timely topic, such as bullying or homework struggles. You don’t have to do a topic specific to your PTO, but make it useful to parents.