Home and School Association leaders at the Sacred Heart School in Lyndhurst, N.J., showcased some homespun games at a family fun night. For “Step by Step,” players advanced three steps if they graduated from the school, and two more steps if they graduated with the kindergarten teacher. More steps could be taken if a player’s bed was made before school that morning, but players had to take one step backward if they didn’t make it themselves. In another game called “Connect Four,” families had to link arms according to the caller’s request—e.g., with a member of student council, a 3rd grader, a class mom, or a Sacred Heart graduate. Once the family had a link of four people, they had to race to the stage and ring the bell. Winning families received a mini trophy and bragging rights. A DJ played game show music during the games and dance music during the breaks. More than 175 people attended the event. Leaders charged $5 per family and offered refreshments in the cafeteria; proceeds benefited the 8th grade graduation project.

Sacred Heart School HSA, Lyndhurst, N.J