1. Grocery Store Sprint
When the napkin supply runs dangerously low at the spaghetti supper, a star volunteer makes it to the store and back in record time.

2. Synchronized Stapling
Teams of harried volunteers frantically collate and staple copies of a school newsletter. Points deducted for paper cuts.

3. Email Judo
After the kids go to bed, you tackle an overflowing inbox with amazing efficiency, answering dozens of school-related email messages in time to watch the evening news.

4. Mental Gymnastics
The ability to text your spouse, plan dinner, and keep an open mind (and a straight face) during a lengthy debate about cupcake frosting.

5. Field Day Marathon
You may not have run 26.2 miles, but you spent hours in the heat chasing stray dodgeballs, manning the water station, and tying kids’ shoelaces. Good thing you carbo-loaded last night!