1. You wander the halls searching for the PTO meeting. When you finally find it, you discover a new president has been elected. It’s old Mr. Methuselah, your 8th grade teacher! He assigns you three weeks of photocopying for being tardy.

2. The annual school health and fitness fair has been renamed Booger Fest 2012. You’ve been assigned to the nose-wiping booth, but there are no tissues anywhere.

3. You’re going to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to start a big school event. When you get to the microphone, the principal tells you it’s not the pledge you need to recite but the PTO bylaws.

4. You’ve lost your PTO binder, which contains everything you need to know about running the fall festival. You keep finding binders that look just like it, but when you open them all the pages are blank.

5. As the new PTO president, you deliver a welcome speech to a packed house. You’re amazed at how you’ve totally captured the audience’s attention. Then you realize you’re standing in your underwear. No wonder they can’t stop looking at you!