“Our school mascot, KC Cougar, was last seen at the Mother-Son Skate Night! We needed to find him for our Science Fair! In order to do so, we needed to enlist the help of our students. Through a series of clues located around the school, we discovered a few things about the perpetrator! This person was a teacher. They loved chocolate. They attended the Mother-Son Skate Night. There was only one thing left to do! Agent M made announcements in the morning to the students to be on the lookout. The principal even sent a voicemail to all the families asking for their help! At our CSI Night [2 weeks later], ‘Cougar Science Investigators’ were able to eliminate suspects through four crime labs. They received a ‘clue sheet’ and went to the labs: a fingerprinting lab, footprint lab, I spy, and candy lab. As a matter of fact, the suspect had the nerve to show up at the science night—with KC! Agent M slowly began to peel off the disquise—it was our media center teacher! She felt bad and didn't mean for things to get so far. She should've been honest in the first place. Once the students finished, they recieved a magnifying glass—an official tool of crime scene investigators!”

Jennifer Benton, Keene's Crossing Elementary PTO, Windermere, Fla.