The Group: The Liberty Schools PTA in Youngstown, Ohio, parent group for E.J. Blott Elementary School, W.S. Guy Middle School, and Liberty High School.

The Setting: Teacher appreciation week. On an evening that coincided with parent-teacher conferences, PTA leaders reserved the high school’s community room for a special night geared at pampering teachers. Dimmed lights and soft music helped set the mood for a tired-teacher oasis.

The Idea: Invite teachers in the district to drop by after their conferences to sip Tension Tamer tea and enjoy complimentary massages. A professional speaker was also on hand to coach teachers on deep-breathing and relaxation techniques.

What Went Wrong: The night proved to be a little too tranquil for PTA leaders; only one teacher stopped by. And she just came in to ask how the night went for the group. Later that evening, the chirping of crickets outside hinted to PTA leaders that perhaps it was time to call it a night.

What Happened Next: PTA President Patty Banner beelined to the massage table. “I thought I deserved it because I definitely qualified as the most stressed-out person there,” she says. Others opted for the deep-breathing lessons.

The Outcome: High school Principal John Young peeked in on his way home. “The highlight of the day was to see PTA members breathing so hard, I thought they were going to blow the wall over in our community room,” Young says.

Notable Quote: The massage therapist “had a difficult time convincing people to sit and relax,” Banner says. “I certainly hope that it’s not a statement about the high stress level of our PTA!”