Here's an issue I haven't heard discussed much, but it's quite interesting. Seems that Tennessee department of ed. officials are ruling that low-income kids can't be excluded from fundraising celebrations, even if they didn't participate in the fundraiser. The regulation is unique to Tennessee, but it brings up a real philosophical question for all parent groups and schools.

The father of one student (a student who happens to be on free or reduced-price lunch) questioned why his son was being made to pay $25 to attend one of those parties that end many a fundraising effort. Regulations require that arrangements be made so that all educational events during the school day are available to all kids, regardless of ability to pay. School claimed this was not educational (ed. note -- so why was it in school day?); education officials disagreed.

Brings up several interesting questions: 1) Do you have these events (only for kids who participated in the fundraiser) during your school day? 2) Is that OK? 3) What are better options?