Last week I wrote a post about the File Exchange tool that we expected to launch this week. Thanks to our technical, marketing, and editorial teams we pulled it all together and the File Exchange went 'live' yesterday afternoon.

We're pretty excited about this tool as we expect it's going to be a huge time saver when you're creating flyers, letters, invites, and all the other documents you use over the year. The other nice benefit is all the ideas you'll get when you take a peak at how other groups are putting together documents.

If you've visited our message boards you'll know how often folks are talking about the documents they use and others are asking to receive them by email. This tool will make it easy for everyone to share files. Plus, unlike the message boards, you can browse for documents by category and see any ratings and/or comments people have shared about that document.

Our resident PTO Today experts will be posting files but this is ultimately a community tool and we're relying on you to make it great so everyone (including you!) benefits. Please share a couple of your docs and of course browse through the categories and download a few for yourself. The File Exchange is here -

If you have any questions or you're having trouble downloading/uploading documents please let me know. You can email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a comment below.

And of course we want to know what you think! Email me or add your comment below.