Wow, I've definitely heard strong opinions on the good and the bad re: fundraising award assemblies, but -- man alive -- the commenters at the end of this California column seem to think they're either a) the most horrible thing ever top hit our schools; or b) an extraordinarily important lesson in free enterprise and rewarding hard work.  And here I just thought they were assemblies.

There's a real baby-with-the-bathwater challenge here. I can see the issues with over-the-top schoolwide assemblies at botht he beginning and end of every fund drive. But I also know that both types of assemblies result in higher fundraiser earnings, which often go to saving or providing essential school services. I would think the prizes, especially (as opposed to the kick-off), could still be played up big even without the assembly.

What's going on with your group when it comes to kick-off and reward assemblies?