A couple of quick snapshots with a note or two:

Dedham group accepts Expo award

That's Doug Willett from Cherrydale Farms fundraising presenting our Early Bird raffle winners with their award. Funny note: Dimitria Sullivan of Dedham, MA is in the middle accepting the award from Doug. She told me her "biggest dream is to get into PTO Today magazine." 1. She needs to work on her dreams a bit :-) 2. Hope the PTO Today Blog counts.

Expo _ Brain Show

A fun photo that captures the energy and excitement that's so palpable at the Expos. It's tons of vendors, yes. But it's entertainers and demos and tons of prizes and PTO Today expert presentations and more. Basically, if you put several hundred PTO and PTA leader types into one big room and ... well.. let's just say Exxon and Mobil are currently researching ways to tap into the energy!

Not too late to join us in Jersey, Chicago or Denver for our next expos.