Wall Street Journal today covers several new fundraising options with a green theme. PTO Today's expert take on fundraising trends included.

As you'll see in the article, to me the #1 measuring stick has to be whether the product and company will work as a money-maker, because all the good work you do in your school depends on the earnings you pull in from your fundraiser. Yes, it would be nice to sell only all-natural, recyclable products that also cure homelessness, but that can only be a factor if the fundraiser also works as a fundraiser.

Same key questions should be asked of a green product as a less-green (more traditional product): will it sell? how much will we make? what's the customer service like? what are return policies? do you have references? how are the forms and delivery and incentive programs handled? etc. The fundamentals remain the same. Fundamentals? Here's a story we wrote 6 or 7 years ago on the basics of running your traditional sales fundraiser.

Have you used (or are you considerig using) a "green" fundraiser?