Being known as just a fundraising group is far from warm and fuzzy. And it's really hard to get new volunteers to excitedly sign up to be fundraisers. The opposite is true if you can become known for all your good work and for parent involvement and for your welcoming, fun, supportive atmosphere.

The key to changing that reputation is, first, actually earning the change. You're doing lots of good work beyond fundraising and you're welcoming, fun and supportive, right? If so, the rest is just marketing. Are you letting parents know about your good work? All the time? When you donate something to the school, do you publicize that? You could even put a small "proudly donated by the parents of the XYZ PTO" plaque on the item. That's not bragging -- that's good marketing, and it's part of your leadership challenge.

We have a great article on effectively marketing your parent group with more tips such as these. Like the companies that put their names on sports arenas, you want your PTO or PTA's name associated with good work and fun events and results. And you want that association to last all year long.