The trouble is, though, that most groups don't have that design pro or, when you do, her darn kids grow up and she moves on. It's so frustrating trying to find just the right words for the letter or searching through bad clip art for the flyer when you're just not that good at it. Worse yet, your group is sometimes judged by the quality of those amateur productions.

So the question is, does your group have some sort of storing or sharing system for last year's and this year's forms and flyers so that next year's volunteers (possibly you again) will start out ahead? It's an important concept. And it's the spirit behind one of the most practical, most popular parts of Called the PTO Today File Exchange, there are already more than 700 various forms and flyers up there for you to borrow from. Here are three great examples of really practical files for you:

Take them, make them your own, and make your work that much easier. And if you like your own results, upload them back to the File Exchange for another leader to use. Kind of cool.