Of course it does, but have you ever received a shirt that says so?


You may not get the kudos you deserve from your school, but we want to make sure that you get the recognition you deserve on the PTO Today site. That’s why we’re kicking off a “PTO Today Rock Star” program.

We’ve always been impressed with how much sharing and helping goes on in our message boards. We think it’s high time to highlight the really good posts and recognize folks who take the time to share their unique experiences or how they solved a particularly thorny problem.thispostrocks

So how do you get the illustrious PTO Rock Star status on our site? Well it’s very scientific… not. Here’s how it works: as Tim and I are reading the message board posts we will be looking for posts that go above and beyond the usual. Maybe it’s in the details, or maybe it’s in the attitude… if your post resonates with us, we’ll give your post a “This post rocks” sticky. Here’s an example of a "rocking"  post made by community member JHB:  http://www.ptotoday.com/boards/29-top-message-board-requests/150497-requests-from-high-school

From this point forward, if your post gets rocked, you’re officially a PTO Today Rock Star. You’ll then get your name up in lights… well, not really but you will get your name and your awesome post highlighted in a featured "Rock Star blog" post. You’ll also receive a “My Parent Group Rocks” t-shirt. Take a picture of yourself in your new shirt, post it on our Facebook page or email it to us, and make it your avatar in our community and we’ll add in a free one-year subscription to PTO Today magazine.

Cool, right? Our community means a lot to us. This is just our way of saying thanks for all you do.