Looking to kick-start your teacher appreciation efforts this year? Try starting a new tradition around parent-teacher conferences.

Your conference events are some of the most challenging days of the year for your teachers. Lines of parents, long hours, and tons of talking. They're essential days on the school calendar, but they're not easy on teachers.

And that's why they're the perfect time for showing appreciation. Can you provide a buffet in the faculty room? Or have some gourmet coffee provided in place of the typical joe? I heard about a school that arranged to wash all of the teachers' cars that day as a surprise. Kind of cool. It's also a nice day for a thank-you note or thank-you poster from your PTO to the teachers.

Have you done anything special or unique in connection with parent-teacher conferences?  We'd love to hear about it on the message boards.

We have a ton of additional ideas and links on the Teacher Appreciation topic page on ptotoday.com. Good luck.