1. Interviews with new teachers and staff. Help everyone get to know the new folks. Do this in an early issue, or spread out the profiles over several issues.

  2. Help wanted ads for your volunteer positions. Get the word out about what you need in a creative way that gives people the information they need to nudge them to volunteer.

  3. “Heard on the Playground” Q&A with kids. Ask a question like “What would you do if you were principal for a day?”

  4. Photos and bios of your new officers. Make the bios upbeat, include quotes about what they hope to accomplish, and don’t forget to include contact information.

  5. Business-card-size ads. Make your newsletter profitable or at least able to pay for itself by selling a few small ads. Group the ads together in a “PTO Supporters” section.

Newsletter Dos and Don’ts

Do show photos of people having fun at your events.
Don’t make PTO work sound like an obligation or drudgery.
Do thank people generously for their help—in every issue.
Don’t talk down to or scold readers.
Do always include contact information and your website address.