2011 PTO Expo T-shirt -- Your fun phrase could be on the 2012 t-shirt!

We are super excited to be in 14 cities for our 2012 PTO Today Expos! To kick off the Expo season we need your help! Do you remember the “My Parent Group Rocks” t-shirts that we gave away last year? (pictured right) They were a huge hit. In fact, we ran out. So, this is where you come in!

We need a new fun phrase for the 2012 Expo t-shirts!

Share your creative brilliance and you and your parent group can win!

Here's the scoop on the Fun Phrase T-shirt contest!

First of all it’s living on our Facebook page on the Contest tab (left hand column of our Facebook page).  Pop over there to submit a fun phrase (7 words or less) that captures the spirit of PTOs, PTAs, HSAs, etc. (Note: We want all parent groups to be able to wear the t-shirt. So please use the term “parent group” instead of PTO or PTA.)

What will the winner get, you ask?!  Well, fame, notoriety and free stuff!

The winning fun phrase will be printed on t-shirts that will be used as prizes at PTO Today Expos and beyond.  The winner will be featured in a photograph wearing the winning t-shirt (with up to 4 fellow parent group volunteers) in an upcoming issue of PTO Today magazine. Also, you and 11 of your closest PTO or PTA peeps receive a free t-shirt. AND everyone who enters gets one free admission to your closest PTO Today Expo!

Here are the details on timing:

  • From October 13- 25 submit your fun phrase (7 words or less) -- use the "Enter Contest" button on the Contest tab or Facebook to get started. One submission per person.

  • On October 26 the judges, the PTO Today editors, will choose the top three slogans.

  • Starting October 27, all parent group volunteers are invited to vote for their favorite phrase until November 9th. Be sure to invite your PTO and PTA friends to vote for your fun phrase!

  • The winner will be announced on November 10th.

Just think of the boost your parent group would get by winning the contest, getting the free t-shirts, and having your photograph in an issue of PTO Today Magazine! As they say in the Mastercard commercials, priceless!

* NOTE: When entering the contest using the Internet Explorer browser, after you hit "enter contest" and you get to the next page you need to scroll down to see the contest information. This is inherent in the contest application we are using and beyond our control.