But one thing we've noticed recently is that our website is getting a lot of traffic an article called ''How To Deal With Difficult People''. It's an excellent article that talks very specifically about coping with a variety of annoying personality types and tough situations. But why now? Maybe it's that along with all the good things about the holidays, stress levels tend to rise. Or maybe it's that the school year has gone on long enough at this point that people tend to get on our nerves.

Whichever is the case, we have several resources for dealing with the stresses of parent group work, and the varying personalities we encounter:

Dealing With Disagreements: Tips on finding the right words for difficult conversations
Responding to Criticism: How to handle complaints about the PTO
Managing Personality Conflicts : Insight into working with different personality types

I hope you'll find these articles useful in turning down the stress levels and getting in tune with the harmony of the season!