Right about this time of year it happens: you can't help but start thinking about the next school year. What teachers will my kids have? Who will be the new parent group officers? What will our group do differently at our back-to-school events to get more parents involved?

While we can't help you with the first two questions, we CAN help you with the third! Next week we are chatting about all things parent involvement. Join us on our Facebook page  for Destination Parent Involvement! Week to get parent involvement tips, chat with other leaders and learn more about our free Back2School program and how it can help enhance your back-to-school events. And for those of you (all?) trying to recruit new board members for the 2012/13 school year, invite them along. The feeling of support and connection they will get from Destination Parent Involvement week may just be the ticket to have them say yes to a board position!

Best part: stay tuned to our Facebook page next week for a big announcement about our 2012 Back2School program giveaway. You're going to love it!

Not familiar with our Back2School program? Here's the scoop: the program is designed to help your group make a fantastic first impression on parents at back-to-school, get parents involved and keep them involved all year long! Here's what Back2School participants receive:

  • Copies of Jump In! magazines and high value coupons for parents

  • Back-to-school event planning guide

  • A parent involvement banner to hang at your fall events

  • Chance to receive free parent sample packs for parents, full of goodies

  • Exclusive online access to new back-to-school and parent involvement downloadable tools

  • Tune in next week for more details...

Look forward to seeing you all in the Destination: Parent Involvement! conversation next week. Here's to many more parent volunteers in the 2012/13 school year. Who's on board?