I know you have some downtime in the summer, and I'm sure you're dying to get some PTO or PTA work done, right? Who needs sun and fun all the time?

With that in mind, I have three simple summer projects that will really help your group at back-to-school time:

1. Get your PTO's Facebook page established and start getting some PTO "Likes." Facebook is an increasingly effective tool for sharing your messages and growing (and bringing together) your parent community.

2. Update the welcome message and contact information on your PTO or PTA website. You may think this can wait, but I guarantee that the new moms and dads (your best prospects!) are checking out those pages right now. For tips, check out our article on creating a great PTO website.

3. Get your school's school supply lists and teacher wish lists, then post them on the national TeacherLists.com website. Parents are going to hear a lot about this site in August, and they'll be looking for your lists. Plus, there are some great free supplies available for participating schools.

All this will still leave plenty of time to enjoy summer! Good luck!