Ever feel overwhelmed by your PTO or PTA responsibilities? Ever feel like if it weren't for you, the whole group would collapse? You're definitely not alone. Virtually every dedicated parent volunteer I know has gone through this. It comes with the "dedicated" part. But the trouble is that if this feeling persists for too long, something has to give. Either you'll have to quit (which will be a loss for you and your school) or your group will become known as the place where overwhelmed people live (equally bad). The key tip: breathe. Seriously.   Your school and your PTO will go on if you aren't Superwoman. It really will. What if you caught the flu or had to head out of town for a week for a family emergency? Your school and your PTO would go on. They've both been going on for decades before you arrived and will go on for decades after you leave. You, your family, your group, and your school will all be best served by your remaining sane. I hereby give you permission to rest and not take the weight of the world on your shoulders. You can do it. We have many resources on this issue:

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