Holiday season is upon us, and many of you are already buying gifts, pulling out favorite recipes, and prepping for family gatherings. We are busy here, too, but our prep is for PTO Today Expo 2013!

Yes, it’s almost Expo time again! So mark your calendars, PTO leaders! We are putting together 10 great shows in 2013!

Everyone always has fun at PTO Today Expos! Take a look at this video:

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You can expect the same great access to tons of the latest parent group products and services all under one roof (plus lots of free samples). What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your peers. You’ll get lots of new ideas from other leaders, exhibitors and, of course, the PTO Today team!

We are also planning to bring back (by popular demand!) the Prize Wheel, which so many of you loved last year. (Photo at right.)

So take a look at our 2013 Expo schedule published here. If you register early, you could win an Early Bird prize from our sister site,, valued at $200!

Check out our new PTO Today Expo 2013 page here and click on the “Check out the Early Bird Special” option to register now!

East Coast

  • March 12 — Boston

  • April 23 — Somerset, N.J.

  • April 30 — Oaks, Pa.


  • February 26 — Chicago

  • March 7 — Columbus, Ohio

  • March 27 — Detroit

  • April 16 — St. Louis

South and West

  • February 28 — Pleasanton, Calif.

  • April 2 — Nashville, Tenn.

  • April 4 — Houston