Happy New Year, everyone! And welcome back to what I think of as the best, most productive time for PTOs and PTAs. For many of you, the coming weeks will offer lots of open calendar time for family events and working on your group for the long-term.

In that light, here are three great resolutions (and a resource for each) for 2013:

1. Start with building community around your school. Everything else works better when there is a genuine, warm connection between your families and your group. Use our School Family Nights program to help you get started.

2. Check your insurance coverage. I'm serious. Are you covered for loss and liability? Are you sure? It's worth finding out. And if you need help, check out our PTO Today Plus insurance options.

3. Network with some of the PTO and PTA leaders from other local schools. Here's why I think that's so helpful.

And good luck!