Does your school community have any events that don't involve tiny chairs, popcorn, or juice in paper cups? I hope so. No one loves school family events more than me, but this week I want to extol the involvement-building virtues of losing the kids once in a while.

Whether it's a restaurant night or a party or a dinner-dance at the local Elks club name it, the idea is to create a fun tradition or two where your school parents can get to know each other and have a good time without the little ones yanking on arms.

Yes, these friendships matter. These are the parents of the kids your kids will grow up with and make mistakes with and take risks with. And these are the parents you want connected to your school in multiple ways. If you don't have an adult tradition, 2013 is a great time to start one.

I'd love to hear about your group's traditions for fun, adults-only events on this Facebook discussion.

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