Last week, I recommended that you add adults-only events to your annual PTO or PTA calendar. And that led to this great discussion about successful events on our Facebook page.

But it also invited a skeptical question: "Do you really spend your PTO dollars on things like renting halls for adult events?"

My answer is: I hope so!

It's my take that too many parent groups think too myopically when it comes to spending their money. If it's not literally something the kids or a teacher touch or use, the thinking goes, then the PTO shouldn't buy it. I couldn't disagree more. Most parent groups are about building involvement and creating community and supporting the kids and teachers. All of those things have a place in your budget, as they all make your school a better place.

For my complete thoughts on this topic, check out my piece on why I think calling it the "kids' money" can lead to some shortsighted spending decisions.