TeacherLists.com likes a good makeover. That’s one reason why it’s been helping schools get their supply lists into the 21st century by giving teachers an easy online platform to create, update, and share lists.

Now TeacherLists.com is taking the makeover concept to a whole new level with its $5,000 Teachers’ Lounge Makeover contest. Every school that posts 20 new or updated school supply or wish lists to the site between April 1 and Aug. 1, 2013, will be eligible to win the $5,000 prize!

In addition, every school that posts 20 new or updated lists between April 1 and Oct. 15 will automatically receive (while supplies last) a free School Supply Stash with all sorts of classroom supplies, like glue sticks and paper towels, valued at $125.

More than 130,000 classrooms have created lists on TeacherLists.com since the site launched in April 2012. The TeacherLists.com platform lets teachers create lists online that they can then update whenever they need to. They also can create wish lists for upcoming projects, holidays, and events. Parents can easily access the lists to help them when they shop for classroom supplies at back-to-school time and throughout the school year.

Parents can even pledge to donate an item from a teacher’s wish list online – the teacher is instantly notified via email and her list automatically updates, just like a registry!

Since TeacherLists.com was introduced, parent group leaders have found it is a great way to help out teachers. TeacherLists.com eliminates the need for teachers to create new lists every year, distribute copies, then update parents with additional notes home throughout the year. Often, the notes don’t make it all the way home, or they end up stuck at the bottom of a backpack for weeks! With TeacherLists.com, a teacher can create a list and instantly share it on the school’s website, or via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Teachers also can print copies of lists for parents who prefer to have a hard copy.

At many schools, parent volunteers have helped teachers set up online lists and share them with parents. It’s another way to show teachers that they are truly appreciated. Be sure to encourage your school to publish new lists or update existing ones to get $125 in free supplies, plus a chance to win $5000 for a teachers’ lounge makeover. If you do, your teachers could be basking in a brand-new lounge by year’s end. Just imagine the possibilities! Cappuccino, anyone?

The big winner of the $5,000 prize will be announced the week of Aug. 5. The winning school gets to figure out how it will spend the cash. We can’t wait to see the makeover!

To learn more about the lounge makeover contest and TeacherLists.com, click here.