It’s National Volunteer Week (April 21 – 27), a time to celebrate the people who give back to their communities. And if ever a group captured the wonderful spirit of school volunteers, it’s our SBLI Superstar Volunteers.

Consider some of our most recently profiled Superstar Volunteers here on the PTO Today website.

Christine Platt

Building enthusiasm for science and math: Christine Platt is a mother of two boys and a retired physicist. She’s also determined to change attitudes that math and science are boring. She wants to get kids excited, so she helped overhaul both the science and math nights at the May Watts Elementary in Naperville, Ill. She’s also running some fun enrichment programs so that kids can discover a passion for these subjects. Learn more about Platt’s efforts here.

Tom Lambert

Creatively coaching families to join in: Tom Lambert is a stay-at-home dad, an active volunteer at Kingsley Charter Elementary in Dunwoody, Ga., and a guy who truly understands kids. So much so that he created a video series featuring a superhero (Captain Kingsley) who encourages families to get involved in their school community. The silly antics of Captain Kingsley (who’s identity is a mystery) captivate his audience. Click here for more details on Lambert’s work.

Nancy Webb

Keeping the library door open: Nancy Webb is a volunteer at Lavalette (W. Va.) Elementary. Her role at the school took an unexpected turn when the library computer system crashed. She stepped in and essentially ran the library the old-fashioned way, tracking books with pen and paper. Because she was able to keep the library going until the computer system was eventually repaired, she provided access to books that many of the students would otherwise not have. To find out more about Webb, click here.

The SBLI Superstar Volunteer program is a partnership between PTO Today and SBLI (the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts). Together, we recognize inspirational parent volunteers with a $500 donation for their school and a profile featured on the PTO Today website on the SBLI website.