My Tip of the Week: Your End-of-Year Checklist

Remember to take these last few steps to close out the year--check on your school's summer schedule and get evaluations in from committee chairs.

by Tim Sullivan


This week's tip is (sorry!) some homework.

I know school is over or nearly so, and I know you want to go to the beach or pool, but there are a few last steps to close out the year well.

Of course, we have those steps laid out perfectly for you in "Your PTO Year-End To Do List."

If you can't do them all, please take a few minutes for these two:

1. Check the school summer schedule and best dates for school office staff and principal.  You know you're going to need them over the summer, so be prepared.

2. Ask each of your event chairs to really complete an event wrap-up form, while memories are still fresh. This small step will make a big difference next year. We have a sample post-event evaluation form on our File Exchange.

Good luck!

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