And it's a very common affliction for parent groups. You want to help as much as you can and provide as much as you can for your cash-strapped school. But if you fall into this trap, you'll actually wind up hurting your group and your school. Ironically, in the long run you'll raise less by fundraising too much. It's a frustrating circle.

My column called "The Fundraising Myth" addresses this important topic at length. But the core idea is that people support causes and good work -- they don't support fundraisers. You exist to do your great work in building community and supporting the kids and teachers and growing parent involvement. You fundraise to help do those things.

My goal for you: a couple (maybe two or three, almost definitely not five or six) great fundraisers that make money (and support your good work). And a year filled otherwise with all kinds of non-fundraising activities that make parents grow even closer to your school and your group.

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