This week’s news brings us a plan to boost book fair sales, a “knock-out’’ idea for fundraising, and a fun way to celebrate student achievement.

Voting jars at the Lowrie book fair.

Would you boogie for books?  At a recent book fair, the PTA at Lowrie Primary School in Wilsonville, Ore., encouraged sales by giving each book buyer a ticket. The ticket was then used to vote for one of three faculty members willing to dance or sing in front of the entire student body if the school met its goal of selling 1,000 books. We just heard the goal was met! Hope they take photos of their star dancers!

How fierce can you be? The PTO at Tamaques Elementary in Westfield, N.J., hosted a “punchathon” at a local kickboxing studio. Parents and teachers raised money by participating in a one-hour kickboxing class at a local studio. One teacher took part in the studio’s “punch-out challenge,’’ throwing 116 punches in 30 seconds. The PTO raised $800.

Celebrating academic achievements: When Gate City Elementary in Pocatello, Idaho, won a national award for academic excellence, the administration decided to let the kids cut classes for a day to celebrate. The PTA wanted to make the day special, so it reached out to local businesses for support and put together an outing to the movies to help the kids celebrate.