It’s a natural time of year to look back on the ways your group has had success, overcome challenges, and been a helpful resource for your school and community. Around here, we’ve had a great year of hearing how parent groups across the country have made their schools better, more vibrant places for kids and teachers alike.

Some of the best feedback from our parent groups comes from our Facebook community. We recently put together a list of our 10 top Facebook posts and it truly shows some great examples of PTOs, teachers, and administrators working effectively for their schools. Some of my personal favorites include how two middle school principals faced off to help both their schools raise big bucks by competing to collect the most box tops, and the cool teacher appreciation word cloud we put together from your posts.

And not much could top the spirit of what it takes to be a committed volunteer as our top post of the year. Can you sometimes relate to the volunteer in that photo?

Thanks for all your continued great work, and we look forward to hearing from you in 2014. And Happy New Year!