This week’s ideas from the community include a simple sales tactic for spirit wear, prizes for proper trash disposal, and an art program that helps kids learn basic concepts.

Makes sense. If you want to boost sales of spiritwear or other items from the school store, try creating an eye-catching display to let parents know what is available. The Lowrie Primary PTA in Wilsonville, Ore., showcased its spiritwear before its recent Snowball Dance, which corresponded with the grand opening of the school store. 

Raffle with a message: The Franklin School PTA in Santa Monica, Calif., is running a recycling program that will include prizes for kids. The school’s Green Team volunteers will hand out raffle tickets during lunch to students who dispose of their lunch trash in the proper bins or bring their lunches in recyclable lunch bags or containers. Winners will get prizes such lunchboxes and reusable food containers and water bottles.
Art exposure: Once a month, students at Rehoboth Elementary in Rehoboth Beach, Del., are treated to an art lesson from the PTO’s Art Docent Program. Most recently the kids learned about architecture basics and discovered the purpose of pillars and arches. The lessons are tailored to young children and are intended to spark an interest in art.