Room ParentsAs the school year starts, you might be in the position of helping recruit people for different jobs both in your parent group and elsewhere in the school. A particular area of need every year is for room parents.

Last year at this time, I talked about the experience in the article “What Does a Room Parent Do?” My purpose in writing the article was to dispel the idea, especially for parents new to the school, that being a room parent is overwhelming. Sometimes it seems like a job that’s gotten a bad rap, but having done it for six years, I can honestly say that it rarely felt like too much. It was a great way to provide necessary help to my son’s teachers while getting an up-close glimpse of his life at school.

What’s more, being a room parent is a natural fit for PTO folks, who are used to being a day-to-day part of their kids’ schools, working with administrators, and organizing both small and large-scale events and programs. But the reality is, not everyone feels cut out for the collaborative nature of PTO involvement. Being a room parent is another way for those moms and dads to be involved.

This past year as room parent marked my last—my younger child is entering middle school—and I know I’m going to miss the connection to his new teachers. As I’m looking for new ways to get involved, let the parents at your school know what a valuable and worthwhile experience they’ll have as room parent. In addition to my article, point them to our Room Parents File Exchange, which offers resources like a downloadable room parent handbook, room parent intro letter and info request, and classroom party sign-up sheets.

Good luck!