Nearly all PTOs and PTAs fundraise, making it inevitable that nearly all leaders will have to make decisions about which fundraisers to run, how many to run, and how to run them. But most parent group leaders never attended a "fundraising how-to" class. The result of not knowing is often a mishmash of good and bad fundraising decisions that lead to fatigue, frustration, and -- worse yet -- disappointing results that reduce your ability to serve your school.

My advice: Lean on those in the know. There are experts out there. Use them. Here are three directions:

1. PTO Today. Have your new leaders spend some time reviewing the features on our fundraising page. It covers all the basics very well. Here are my own core fundraising thoughts.

2. Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDS). This group knows what works and what doesn't.

3. Finally, do you have a fundraising rep who you trust and has given great service? Lean on that person. Listen to what he has to say. Here's my column about why your fundraising rep may well be your best fundraising friend. They aren't your enemies -- in fact, the best ones are your best allies.

Good luck!