We asked PTO leaders what they’d like to do over the holiday break. And can you guess what was the number one answer?


And some of you were very specific, with one community member wishing for “8 hours of sleep, every night” and another requesting “Sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep.’’

You work hard all year, and the holiday season in particular can wear out any parent who is managing family and school obligations. So we hope all of you get some well-deserved downtime to fill with what you love to do. 

Here are some other ideas shared by PTO leaders on Facebook. Some of these look very doable. Willing to try a few? 

Tracy: Sleep in every day and wake up to a lovely breakfast and a perfectly cleaned home (laundry done, too); then do an hour or two of yoga, followed by spa treatment and a lovely lunch.

Lori: The grocery store without the kiddos.

Debby: Pack a backpack, catch a train into the city with my family, eat new foods, explore the list of places I haven't been to yet with them, photo journal some of the moments, and hopefully meet some new friends.

Suzi: Listen to more music, read, and catch up on drawing, all while sipping hot chocolate (in my pajamas, of course).

Melissa: Family time for sure doing anything as long as I could leave my phone and computer locked away!