Amid all the activities and events and fundraisers and meetings, do you ever wonder how it's all being perceived? Are the parents with whom you are trying to connect and serve loving all your group's work?

My advice to you as this school year to a close: Just ask. 

We have a great new end-of-year parent survey template that you can customize and share with your parents. You can even use it with a free, online survey tool like SurveyMonkey.

Sometimes it’s hard to have your hard work critiqued—especially when it’s unpaid work and the folks doing the critiquing don’t do nearly as much work as you do—but the feedback you receive could be the most important guide to your activities next year. And it should help you connect with more parents for events and more potential volunteers.

You need to know what your school community loves, and also what drives them a little bit crazy about your group. That kind of honest feedback is the best way to make improvements year to year.

As you’re figuring out what worked this year (and what didn’t), you might also like these resources for reviewing your events and efforts:

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