Do you have 5 minutes in the next two weeks? If so, then I have a recommendation for one of the simplest and most helpful ways to serve your parents just before school starts back up.

Get your school's school supply lists posted to TeacherLists.com.

Are parents ever frustrated by not finding the lists or not having the lists when they are in the store? Have you ever tried reading a list on your smartphone while in store aisles? Getting your school’s lists on TeacherLists makes all that so much better.

All the lists are in one place and are easily readable on a smartphone. They’re even automatically available on Amazon.com after you post them to TeacherLists. It’s very cool.

Best of all? All you have to do is submit your lists in any format—and we’ll get them posted for you on TeacherLists.com in less than 24 hours.

Your school’s parents really will love it.