Now Hear This: Take over the school PA system one morning to share a heartfelt moment of thanks for the staff—a poem or even just a few simple words of appreciation on behalf of the PTO, parents, and students.

Picture Perfect: After class pictures are taken for the yearbook, mount each one on its own piece of poster board and have the students sign it. Leave enough room for them to add a short note if they’d like to.

Note Worthy: Tap parent volunteers and board members to write a personalized thank-you note for each staff member, then slip the notes into their mailboxes to find one morning.

Take a Breather: Tidy up and decorate the teachers’ lounge. If there’s a central table or counter, spread a placemat and fill a big bowl with individually wrapped candy and bite-size chocolate.

Have a Bite: Create small snack bags with a few energy boosters and treats to get through the day, such as a granola bar, some dried fruit, mixed nuts, and pretzels.

Back to Basics: Stock the teacher and staff bathroom facilities with “luxuries” they’re sure to appreciate: soft toilet paper and liquid hand soap.