Parent-Child Events

Father-daughter dances and mother-son basketball are popu­lar choices, but just about any kind of event can work for parent-child pairs. Some variations: bowling, cooking, and laser tag.

Election Night

Make the upcoming presidential election memorable for students with voter registration cards and ballots to complete at homemade polling stations, and have the kids vote on a schoolwide decision such as a new cafeteria snack.

Ice Cream Social

It’s a classic school event for a reason! Some schools keep it simple by arranging for an ice cream truck, while others go all out with multiple tubs of ice cream and fixings on the side.

Wacky Game Night

Have kids and parents compete in human hamster ball races, sumo wrestling matches in oversize suits, an electronic bull ride, an inflatable rope climber, or other items available for rent.

Family Movie Night

Pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy the show! For theme ideas and planning tips, request our free Family Movie Night kit.

Group Hike

Choose an accessible area with easy hiking trails and invite families to explore together. Round out the experience with some shared snacks afterward.

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