Plan a Community Service Project

There are many meaningful and simple ways to get families involved in helping others in the community. Food or clothing drives are fairly easy to organize.

Plan a Communitywide Event

By putting together a public event like a health fair or a cultural festival for the fall, for example, you’ll put out the message that yours is a warm and inclusive group—and school.

Strengthen Internal Connections

Sometimes the best way to be there for others is to build your strength from within. Hold a "parents night in" electronically or a similar gathering that will bring your group closer together.

Encourage Helping Local Businesses

Encourage school families to patronize companies in your neighborhood. They need the support—plus, they can become great partners for fundraisers and other events while fostering community ties.

Be a “First Responder”

It’s difficult to think about tough times, but they do happen. Parent groups, with their resources and spirit of volunteerism, are well-positioned to offer help and support after a tragedy.

Think Beyond Your Group

Many PTOs reach out to neighboring groups for help with ideas or volunteer power, and then return the favor. Building a network outside your own organization is a great way to strengthen the whole community.

Find community service ideas for kids, classrooms, and families

Originally posted in 2016 and updated regularly