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14 Ways To Save the Day With a World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

Ideas To Save the Day With a World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

When your search for easy fundraising ideas ends with chocolate, life is good.


This article is sponsored by our friends at World’s Finest Chocolate. Enter for your chance to win a World’s Finest Chocolate buffet with all the fixings for your teachers, your PTO besties, and all the other superheroes at your school!


When you first joined the PTO, you probably didn’t realize that you’d be drawing on your superhero levels of creativity to come up with easy fundraising ideas for schools (though now you know it’s totally normal).

As busy PTO leaders, we’re always on the search for a “unicorn”—that one magical fundraiser that’s going to make bank without costing us our marbles. Thanks to fundraisers like World’s Finest Chocolate, you can rest easy knowing it’s possible to raise a ton of money in just a few weeks. Below, we’ve rounded up all the ways this rock-star fundraiser will make your PTO group a hero to parents and the school!


Superhero move #1: Keep more of the money you raise.

With a 50% profit guarantee, you can sleep better at night knowing World’s Finest Chocolate has your back. And because most of us don’t want to use Common Core math to figure out our fundraising profits, World’s Finest Chocolate created a handy online profit calculator.


Superhero move #2: Get yourself a sidekick.

Your dedicated sales rep will quickly become your partner, helping you kick off your fundraiser, count money, and even get your whole school community excited by dressing as a human chocolate bar. Trust us, there’s nothing like having a direct line to someone who works at a major chocolate company.


Superhero move #3: Make someone’s day with an unexpected chocolate treat.

It’s easy to spread a little joy with a World’s Finest Chocolate bar. At $1 and $2 each, these are priced to move so that everyone can get in on the action.


Superhero move #4: Give other parents’ inner hero a chance to shine.

Some parents love this fundraiser so much, they’re willing to do anything to help get the word out at school events—like draping themselves in chocolate bars, head to toe.


Superhero move #5: Fight off the afternoon hangries.

Stash a few of those $1 bars in your PTO Go Bag to curb those 3 p.m. cravings in the pickup line and support your school at the same time. Come to think of it, the school pickup line might be the best place ever to sell chocolate to other hangry parents sitting captive in their minivans....


Superhero move #6: Spend more time doing what really matters.

This chocolate practically sells itself—on average, it takes only about two weeks to reach your fundraising goal!—which means you can spend more time doing what you love (like helping your school) and less time answering a bazillion questions.


Superhero move #7: Skip the up-front costs.

With no up-front costs (public and parochial schools get preapproved credit), a World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser is really a no-brainer. Bonus: Your PTO treasurer will pretty much love you forever.


Superhero move #8: Blow up your social media—in the best way possible.

You and social media are like Batman and Robin—you could promote a fundraiser in your sleep. But for those times you need extra help, turn to World’s Finest Chocolate’s amazing social media toolkit with 30-plus ready-to-use posts and graphics.


Superhero move #9: Pick the right fundraiser from the start.

There are no guarantees in life, except for World’s Finest Chocolate’s risk-free guarantee that you’ll earn at least 10% more profit than your last fundraiser. If your spidey sense isn’t a good enough reason on its own, check out the fundraising company evaluation kit so you can make sure to choose the right fundraising partner the first time.



Superhero move #9: Throw a chocolate tasting on the agenda for your next board meeting.

Because chocolate makes everything better (even #ptolife). With so many different product varieties, there’s literally something for everyone—including your entire PTO squad.


Superhero move #10: Free chocolate.

The best things in life are free, and World’s Finest Chocolate’s new customer incentive program cranks up the power with extra chocolate. Yes, please, and thank you.

Vadim Guzhva/123RF


Superhero move #11: Teach valuable life skills to kids.

Who knew this chocolate fundraiser is basically a crash course in Adulting 101? Students learn valuable life skills, like how to speak persuasively, present themselves confidently, meet goals as part of a team, and manage inventory (without eating said inventory).


Superhero move #12: Play to your strengths.

For some of us (not naming any names), tracking orders and pretty much anything that requires a spreadsheet gives us the heebie-jeebies. With World’s Finest Chocolate, you never have to worry about either! That’s right—your school can raise more money in less time with no spreadsheets or order forms.

Bulat Silvia/123RF


Superhero move #13: Easily pull off an epic chocolate buffet for all the heroes at your school.

For your chance to snag all the fixings, including free chocolate, supplies, decorations, and cool swag from World’s Finest Chocolate, simply request more info on this easy fundraiser for schools. Each month through February 2020, one school will be randomly selected as a winner. Chocolate FTW!



Superhero move #14: When all’s said and done, your efforts help fund improvements for your school community, from new playground equipment to band uniforms.

A nostalgic brand that everyone knows and loves, World’s Finest Chocolate has helped schools and communities raise more than $4 billion! And with a sell-out bonus for qualifying orders to boot, those dreams you had for your school are about to become a reality. We’d say that’s pretty heroic.


Ready to learn more about a World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser? Hop on over to their site to get started and be entered to win a chocoholic buffet!

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