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Principal Q&A

Principal Problems (and Solutions)

Working well with your school’s top administrator is important for PTO and PTA leaders. Here’s how to tackle some common sticking points.

Carnivals & Fairs

School Carnival Game Ideas With a Twist

Spice up your next fun fair or school carnival with these creative carnival games for kids!

Student Involvement

Get Kids Involved in Your PTO or PTA

Students bring a fresh perspective to your planning. Learn from the experiences of three different groups who involved student representatives.

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Principal Matters

What to do when you and your school's administrator just don’t see eye to eye.

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Tips and Ideas for Sweetheart Dances

Families love sweetheart dances. Here's how to make your dance a success, whether you hold it around Valentine's Day or another time of year.

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6 Ways To Use Social Media Effectively

Easy tips for maximizing your parent group's social media presence.

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Deconstruction Zone

Tech Take-Apart event required only donated electronics, a few tools, and students’ natural curiosity.

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Get Teachers on Your Side

Capture your teachers' hearts—and their help—with a focus on curriculum, classroom tools, communication, and appreciation.


Winning Winter Events

Beat the blahs with these winter theme ideas that are sure to bring families together.


8 Quick and Cheap Events for Your PTO or PTA

It's easy to plan fun events without breaking the bank.

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Why School Events Matter

Every carnival, potluck dinner, and family night provides a chance to bring parents into the school and imagine themselves playing a larger role.

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6 Ways To Add Fun and Energy to Your PTO Events

It's easy to liven up traditional activities by adding something new.


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PTO Today Article

You Know You're a PTO Parent When...

That moment when you know there's no turning back.

School Family Event

How to Plan a Family Reading Night

Expert tips, flyers, activities, and more to help your group have a fun family reading event.