Marshmallow Igloo


Who says you need snow to make an igloo? There's lots of posts with specific instructions on how to build a sugar cube or marshmallow igloo. Another option is to provide these materials and some general direction and let your young builders create their masterpieces!

Materials You'll Need:

- Paper plates

- Cardboard circles

- Marshmallows or sugar cubes

- Glue (you could also use icing or other sticky material that would act as cement) 


Put your cardboard circle on the paper plate and start layering a base row of marshmallows or sugar cubes, add a thin layer of glue on top. Keep working your way up building each layer a little further in than the previous layer. Depending on the age of the kids and their dexterity you could suggest they stagger the "bricks" to make their sculpture even sturdier. Stop halfway through to let the glue dry and then continue with the top layers.

Tip: Young kids might get tired fingers as it's a lot of work laying each brick carefully. If you're using marshmallows supply a few toothpicks so they can string a few marshmallows onto a toothpick and lay them across for the roof.

Mess Free Option - Skip the glue and have the kids use toothpicks to create their igloos. The final result might be a little more square versus round but we're pretty sure the kids will love their creations and you won't have to worry about a messy cleanup!