Make a Shamrock Tree

Let’s be clear, shamrocks do not grow on trees. However, I took some poetic license on this one as young kids *love* tracing their arm and imagining it’s the trunk and branches on a tree. And anything that gets the wee ones gripping a pencil, carefully tracing, and building fine motor skills is a good thing in my book.


This activity involves paint but overall it’s a relatively simple craft and easy to execute in the classroom.



11” X 17” paper

Paint (various colors)

Shamrock cookie cutters – suggest 1 per group of 3-4 kids



Paper Plates


How to Make:

Have the kids trace their hand and arm. This is a little tricky so for younger kids it’s a good idea to have them trace each other’s hands and arm.

Paint the hand and arm that was traced, this makes up the trunk and branches of the tree.

Pour a little green paint on paper plates. Have the kids dip the shamrock cookie cutter in the paint and make stamp on their page.

Decorate the page with St. Patrick’s Day stickers. We really liked how the shiny stickers give it a fun and festive look.